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Aionex is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with an intuitive care management platform that turns the business of providing for patients into a more efficient, supportive and accountable operation across the continuum of care.

What is intuitive technology? Smart, predictive software that you “teach” what you want it to do. It’s a robust, integrated rules-based platform that puts workflow logic and care management back in the hands of clinical practice experts. Our innovative system enables you to:

  • Manage the healthcare environment
  • Automate workflow
  • Assign priorities
  • Coordinate communication in and across departments
  • Improve capacity and throughput
  • Generate reliable information flow

The software works by matching data flowing through your systems with configurable business, protocol-specific or procedural rules to drive decision-making. The Aionex rules engine can be configured to support department-specific or enterprise-wide strategic objectives such as lean process improvement, patient flow, readmission reduction, infection management and patient engagement by optimizing communications. It’s a flexible, scalable system that can be applied virtually without limit.

Efficiency is at the core of the system. With the Aionex rules engine, department leaders can control how the system works for them without having to rely on programmers to make time-consuming and often expensive application changes.

And the easy-to-use design enhances productivity at the point of care without requiring excessive training. Our intuitive interface guides users through each process with visual clues, such as colors and icons, resulting in enterprise-wide efficiency through improved output control, compliance, reliability and resource conservation.

Aionex also features a subscription agreement that includes all hardware, software, installation, training, maintenance and upgrades – helping hospitals regain the time to make a difference.

At Aionex, we are committed to delivering innovative healthcare solutions to some of the most challenging demands impacting clinical and administrative staff, providing them with the right information when they need it to make the best care decisions. That’s why hospitals select the Aionex Suite to help them address objectives from bed reservations to post discharge follow ups — and everything in between.

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Case Study: Marshall Medical Centers

Aionex centralizes patient call management at two hospitals to improve operational efficiencies, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Case Study: Southwest General Hospital

Southwest General selected Aionex FOCUS Bed Capacity and Throughput, a suite of tools that ensures timely and appropriate task management.