OR View

Coordinated view of the perioperative environment

OR View provides real-time visual coordination of the entire surgical process to maintain schedule integrity, improve workflow and provide detailed metrics from every facet of each OR case.

The OR View’s case schedule component is used by physician offices and hospital scheduling staff. It ensures operating rooms are booked in the most efficient manner and computes the entire case time from room prep to room clean. The streamlined scheduling form can be completed quickly using buttons or pull-down menus that display patient and staff information from the hospital’s healthcare information system.

The solution improves on-time starts and turnaround times. Each patient is tracked using an RFID tag that provides real-time status to all medical staff as well as updates for family members, increasing patient satisfaction. The tool generates time-stamped data for detailed information and metrics of each case, including OR staff and processes that enable heightened case management and continuous quality improvement.

OR View increases the availability of patient information. An online portal allows patients to enter pre-admission data, which is then made available to OR staff. The tool can also deliver procedure-specific information to the patient, such as pre-op and discharge instructions.

By streamlining procedures, hospitals can increase throughput and number of surgeries performed for better ROI.

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