Process Improvement

The right action at the right time
for the right outcome

A process is a set of actions or steps. In a perfectly efficient process, each step is executed correctly, in sequential order and at the right time to create the right outcome and deliver value.

In a busy hospital environment, many different processes are at play at the same time – from assigning a bed to prepping for surgery to tracking clinical orders to discharging a patient. Organization is paramount to achieving clinical, operational and financial goals. Each step in the workflow should add value to the end user, whether a patient, physician or executive. Failing at any point along the way represents a loss – in time, resources, revenue, and satisfaction. In other words, it produces waste.

Aionex supports lean healthcare initiatives. Our platform eliminates unnecessary steps to optimize workflow processes. Greater efficiency combined with real-time location and tracking capabilities enable you to boost productivity, delivering measurable benefits for all stakeholders.

The results of process improvements span the enterprise:

  • Timely bed assignments
  • Patient education
  • Clear post-discharge communications
  • Reduced lengths of stay
  • Centralized bed management
  • Streamlined transfer process
  • Visible in a native browser 
  • Standardized processes
Executive Team/Board
  • Greater revenue opportunity
  • Maximized throughput
  • Reduced readmissions
  • Enhanced community relationships
  • Better internal communications
  • Increased accountability

Aionex empowers hospitals to create smooth, efficient processes that deliver value and are also satisfying to perform, manage and experience.

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Case Study: Marshall Medical Centers

Aionex centralizes patient call management at two hospitals to improve operational efficiencies, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Case Study: Southwest General Hospital

Southwest General selected Aionex FOCUS Bed Capacity and Throughput, a suite of tools that ensures timely and appropriate task management.