Who is Aionex?

Aionex is a group of technologists and subject matter experts who believe that our healthcare problems are solvable. We understand that the problems are not solvable with a single answer or even simple answers. We believe that we are all involved and that we will all be affected by the quality and affordability of the system as a whole. What can we do? Everyone will have a part to play, however large or small. From the monumentally large problems requiring government and corporate efforts such as insurance, hospital, pharmaceutical, medicine, healthcare, etc to the small and individual but still monumentally large aggregate issues such as personal choices regarding health, lifestyle and diet choices, and everything in between.
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Where have I seen Aionex?

Aionex is in the in-between. As a small vendor and technology advocate, we are limited in what we can directly do to the system overall. But we can do something to our own behavior and decisions and the way we support the system. We can lead by example. We can choose to utilize technology that limits both the security risks as well as the cost of ownership of digital health tools. We take on this burden ourselves in the form of technology types and design decisions.

Where is Aionex going?

Our solutions improve outcomes across the continuum, enabling providers and operational leaders to advance strategic care management, patient engagement and quality improvement initiatives with heightened efficiencies.
Hospital Bed Placement and Throughput
Inside your walls, a standard of care is occurring, comprised of myriad measurable events.  Patients flow through way stations from admittance to discharge.  Your people engage in bed meetings, rounding, hospitality, and a hundred other things that sum to patient care.  Let us show you how leveraging our products is the very best thing you can do to ensure that sum is high.
Post-Discharge Care and Readmission Avoidance
With increasingly tight payor purses, optimizing the effectiveness of post-discharge care and case management are more important than ever.  We foresee an increasing majority of patient care happening outside hospital walls as the care landscape evolves.  We know how to help you compete and thrive in that new world.
Connecting Patients with Affordable Care
Patients are evolving, and we think it's best to evolve with them.  For today's discerning, informed patient, the choice of where to seek care factors in more than just driving distance.  We empower patients with information to leverage a competitive marketplace to obtain the best outcomes at affordable prices. We can help you to be a good choice for them, and we can help them find you.
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