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The State of Healthcare

Everyone talks about the troubled state of healthcare in America. We hear the voices of doctors, nurses, administrators, insurance groups, politicians, and patients. News is often dominated by tales of under regulated pharmaceuticals, catastrophic never-events, staffing shortages, and other recognizable failures.


      But what about the myriad of preventable small problems encumbering care every day?

      The convolution of the system overall?

      The complexity of quantifying health and wellness to the uniqueness of every individual?


The response is that the current state of healthcare can feel overwhelming. 

We'll have to be clever to unravel it, but it can be done.


Aionex is doing our part.  


Connecting Patients with Care

Patient care is your mission.  But patients can be demanding. Let our patient call management services take the burden and eliminate stress on staff, especially nursing. Allow patient care advocates to distribute calls and tasks to mitigate delays and efficiently support everyone on your staff.  

Bed Placement and Throughput

Inside your walls, a standard of care is occurring, comprised of a myriad of measurable events.  Patients flow through way stations from admittance to discharge.  Your people engage in bed meetings, rounding, hospitality, and a hundred other things that encompass patient care.  Let us help you leverage our products to ensure that everything and everyone is accounted for and accountable.

Aionex Nurse Call Systems


Working Together for the Best Outcome

Make Every Second Count

Rely on a Reliable Hardware System

Aionex can also serve long-term care facilities.

Let’s Work Together for "Life"

Get in touch to talk about your systems.  

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