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Aionex offers full-service hospital systems.

Nurse Call &

Focus Software

Aionex Nurse Call and Focus Software work together as one cohesive, concierge unit, allowing hospital staff to accomplish more for patients by sending the right person to the right task at the right time.

Aionex helps deliver the best Nurse-Patient Relationship

*Are you sending crucially needed nursing staff to deliver things like soft drinks to patients?


*Does your current system allow you to see what’s going on in every patient room at every moment?


*Can you immediately determine how many beds are clean, dirty, or being admitted to in real time? 


*Do you know how many out-of-service beds you can count to put into immediate service during a disaster?


Call us for a free consultation: 615.851.4477

With all of our products and services, we’re flexible with the cost of implementing solutions that include subscription models, capital expenditures, or Aionex financing.

We’ll do what it takes to earn your business.

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