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Aionex Nurse and Patient Communications

About Aionex

We Start Before the Beginning

Sometimes, what happens before a patient enters your room can determine the overall outcome.


Some of us will be admitted to the hospital. The focus should be on caring for the patient in the best and most efficient manner, seeing each person discharged in the healthiest state at the earliest time, and keeping ready for the next person who needs care.  In order to best support the patient and you to reach the best outcome, we build and maintain reliable systems -- systems that work before they're needed to deliver life-saving, time-saving, money-saving results

Aionex began as Gett Communications in 2000. In 2003, Gett purchased the hardware IP from a client hospital who no longer wished to handle both the software and hardware systems in-house. Aionex currently serves hospitals across the United States in Alabama, Ohio, North Carolina, and California.

23 Years in Business / Over 100 Years of Collective Knowledge


Aionex knows hospital systems because we've built and served them diligently and successfully for over two decades. Most of our administrators, programmers, service managers, and advisors have worked as a cohesive team at Aionex for the same timeframe.


We care about the systems we help create, because we care about the people who use them and the patients who need them. 


Do you know if your system is capable of the serving the best results for both your patients and your facility? If you don't know the answers to the following questions, we can help you find them. 

     ~ What does an empty and/or unclean hospital room cost your facility per hour?  

     ~ How many of your operators does it take to handle calls for an entire floor? 

     ~ Does your Nurse Call System work directly with your Hardware System for real-time communications when it matters the most -- as in, 24-7-365?    

     ~ How do you provide evidential reports for special certifications for specific tasks that need to be handled monthly, quarter, yearly? 


Our systems can also serve long-term care/rehabilitation facilities. Watch a video of a true story


Call us at: 1.615.851.4477 for immediate attention, or use the form below. 

Let’s Work Together for "Life"

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