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FIVE Questions Hospitals Should Answer Before Purchasing a Nurse Call System

Decisions concerning changing or upgrading proprietary hospital systems are difficult ones to make. The age, flexibility, and affordability of Nurse Call Systems matter to the lives of patients. Below are five questions hospital administrators should answer before purchasing a Nurse Call System.

1. Is your Nurse Call System serving medical staff and patients as efficiently as possible?

Within a hospital’s daily routine, thousands of nurse calls are instigated by patients. A Nurse Call System that is working at the highest level of efficiency will make sure that:

all calls are answered on every unit, even without a centralized system.

— the right person is sent to the right place, at the right time, for the right task to serve all patients immediately and efficiently.

— tracking devices provide time stamps and data for every location/event.

— when systems fail (because they can, and will), information is provided to IT and Plan Ops departments to help managers investigate and solve problems in order to prevent “next-time” events.

— hospitals save time and money, which ultimately saves lives.

Aionex Nurse Call Systems help hospitals maintain better up-times by providing reliable software and hardware. Aionex systems “think ahead” and “report behind” every action and reaction as patients are served, which allows medical staff to concentrate on patient needs, rather than worrying about potential system failures.

2. How old is your Nurse Call System?

If your hospital is using old technology, patients may be receiving delayed services because the hospital’s overall budget cannot keep up with ongoing repairs. Entire systems run the risk of breaking down, and there’s never a time in a hospital when a non-working system is not a dangerous problem.

*Are you sending crucially-needed nursing staff to deliver things like soft drinks to patients? Aionex Nurse Call Systems facilitate better, faster service, sending the right person for the right task.


*Does your current system allow you to see what’s going on in every patient room at every moment at any given time? Aionex Nurse Call Systems let your staff see real-time patient-care status.


*Can you immediately determine how many beds are clean, dirty, or being placed into service — especially in disaster mode? Aionex Nurse Call Systems provide real-time

throughput information within seconds at the touch of a mouse.

3. Are there some parts of your Nurse Call System that work great while some areas are struggling?

Within complicated, proprietary hospital systems, it’s not an easy task to consider upgrades. In some cases, a complete upgrade is not necessary. Perhaps a surgical center needs better communications software, while an entire wing needs upgraded hardware.

Aionex can provide custom packages that fit specific needs and integrate directly with hospital systems that are already working successfully and efficiently.

* Do you need a bed placement solution only? 

* Do you need EVS modules only?

Unlike other companies that may charge full price for package deals that might include items that are not needed, Aionex systems can tie into and manage ancillary pieces that a clinical system does not handle, allowing hospitals to retain more money to invest in other important needs.

4. Is your hospital a part of an enterprise of hospitals located in your local area — or even across other states?

Providing Nurse Call Systems that conform to protocols across more than one hospital allows for better communication and greater efficiency.

Aionex is helping American hospital enterprises create an all-encompassing system that can communicate between hospitals over many miles. Data can be shared in a much more immediate and efficient way, which results in better outcomes for both hospital staff and patients in every area — from bed throughput to patient care and faster discharges. Creating a conforming standard for Nurse Call Systems across several hospitals also helps cut down costs of installations when working parts conform to the same standards, relieving confusion and guesswork involved in maintaining multiple, separate systems across the miles.

5a. Can your hospital afford to install new Nurse Call Systems?

The question should be answered with one last important question:

5b. Can your hospital afford not to install an Aionex Nurse Call System?

All hospitals experience weaknesses within their systems. Diligent and conscientious hospital managers know exactly what is needed to improve patient care within their facilities. They understand that making improvements is not an option — it is a choice. The choice should be life. Aionex Nurse Call Systems are Systems for Life: the life of your patients and the life of your hospital.

Aionex takes the pain out of a hospital upgrade process. With all Aionex products and services, hospitals can enjoy flexible implementation solutions that include subscription models, capital expenditures, or Aionex financing.


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